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Tsunamis and Cryptozoology

Reports from around the world are not good.  Besides south Asia, now comes news of people killed in Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, and the Seychelles. On December 30, 2004, there are new Indian tsunami alerts, and new eruptions of volcanoes in the Andaman Islands and Kamchatka.  These seismic activities
and tsunamis will have a widespread effect.

Everyone wants to talk about the tsunamis, so on December 29, a reporter contacted me to ask about what impact all this would have on cryptozoology. Questions about cryptozoology in the midst of a global disaster?  I frankly was shocked.  But then I saw this as an opportunity to emphasize humanitarian efforts, first and foremost, and stressed zoological awareness would be an objective far down the priority list.  The reporter got most of this right (see below), although I said "might find a few" strandings, and that cryptid Giant Octopuses are "Globsters," too.  But getting help to these people is what is most important. For those wishing to donate to the relief effort, if you don't have a charity choice of your own, here is the link to The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies:

December 30, 2004
Wireless Flash News

2004-12-30 - Wireless Flash News
Tsunami Stirring Up Waves Of Sea Serpents

PORTLAND, Maine (Wireless Flash) -- The recent tsunami in south Asia is stirring up lots of relief efforts -- and it could also be splashing all sorts of unknown sea creatures onto the shoreline.

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, co-author of "The Field Guide To Lake Monsters And Sea Serpents" (Tarcher/ Penguin), predicts that relief workers will soon be finding a large number of "globsters" on area beaches.

"Globsters" is the term given to big masses of round flesh that measure between eight and 20 feet. Although the globs look like octopi, Coleman says they are often previously-undiscovered species of sea serpents, dolphins or whales.

Coleman says human relief efforts must take priority but fears that clean-up workers may destroy the carcasses of new creatures before scientists can identify them.

He hopes that workers who come across any strange sea creatures photograph them and post the photos online so they can be researched after humanitarian efforts are finished.

Bizarre sea creatures aren't the only new animals that could be uncovered by the tsunami: Coleman says many undiscovered land animals may also beidentified as they move to higher ground to avoid flooding.

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